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VarioFil R®


Key benefits VarioFil R/R+

  • VarioFil R is a turnkey spinning line for PET POY made from rPET chips
  • VarioFil R+ is a turnkey spinning line for PET POY made directly of bottle flakes
  • Only one processing step minimizes energy consumption - no chip cutting necessary
  • Energetically optimized process with „pre-conditioning“
  • Extrusion system with degassing and large area filtration
  • Dope dyeing technology for best color evenness and appearance
  • New textile spin pack design with increased filtration performance for long lifetime
  • Latest Oerlikon Barmag winding technology WINGS POY


VarioFil R

“VarioFil R+” bottle-to-POY line
WINGS POY by Oerlikon Barmag
Produced 150f48 dope-dyed black yarn
DTY yarn (150f48 grey) texturized on Oerlikon Barmag maschine
Compact spinning line VarioFil R+