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Extrusion systems for highest process demands

Highlights of PET cascade extrusion technology

  • Can be completed by one or more co-extrusion lines
  • Approved design and process features
  • Optimum process stability
  • Latest 30D barrier screw design provides high melting capacity
  • Approved 17D metering screw design provides best melt temperature and pressure stability
  • Screw diamater 300 mm for maximum output of 6 t/h
  • Wear resistant bimetallic barrels
  • Aluminim based heating/cooling elements for optimum heat transfer and temperature control of melt extruder
  • Corrosion-free stainless steel screws with wear resistant nitrided surface
  • Frames on roller bearings for easy movement during heat expansion
  • Melt extruder with water cooled feed housing and gas tight sealings for continuous resin quality
  • Metering extruder screw shaft with melt sealing
  • High performance Tandem and Mono drive gear boxes