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Melt Modification – 3DD Mixer

Quality outweighs output

The BBE mixer systems offer the solutions that enable economically viable production by way of being able to fulfil a variety of mixing and dosing tasks. The high quality of your products is assured by the extremely high accuracy concerning dosage and the mixing performance.

A series of systems are available to fulfil the various feeding and mixing requirements in order to meet the demands of flexible production in the best possible manner.



Why Melt Modification?

  • Polycondensation plants do not allow adding colours or other additives during polycondensation process
  • Hence a limited product range can be produced (e.g. raw white), but no change of melt properties possible
  • 3DD mixing systems allow adding colours or other additive masterbatches at nearly every point of the melt path
  • By using 3DD, a wide range of colours or modified yarns can be manufactured, depending on amount and place of installation
  • 3DD provides highest flexibility from the beginning for new polycondensation plants
  • 3DD systems can also be installed in existing plants to increase the economic efficiency
  • Direct


Screw diameter mm 60 75 90 105 120 150
Throughput kg/h
(PET IV 0,62, 30 L/D)
160 260 380 500 660 1000
Drive power/ kW 11 21 33 33 52 66
Screw diameter mm 175 200 225 250 275 300
Throughput kg/h
(PET IV 0,62, 30 L/D)
1380 1800 2300 2800 3300 4000
Drive power/ kW 78 119 144 144 168 204


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