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Twin screw extruder BTS

The twin screw extruder is developed for directly processing of polymers without the energy-intensive pre-drying process or special processes

  • When compared to single screw extruders, improved feeding performance when processing raw materials with low bulk density such as PET flakes from edge trims or bottle recycling
  • Barrel and screws can be adjusted to the process specifications by way of our module construction method
  • The wide selection of materials that can be used for screw and cylinders allows the processing units to be optimised for processing raw materials that are prone to wear and tear and/or corrosion
  • The spectrum in installation sizes comprises screw diameters from 45 up to 120 mm with process lengths of up to 44 D

Other sizes and lengths as well as customised machinery can be realised upon request.


Twin screw extruders for processing of PET chips and flakes etc. with screw diamaters 45 – 120 mm,
barrel length 34 L/D, e.g. for fibre spinning lines, film lines etc.


Screw diameter mm45607590105120
L/D [ - ]34, others possible by modular design
Throughput kg/h200360700110015002000
Drive power / kW50100200370420450


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Twin screw extruder

Twin screw extruder
Twin screw extruder