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Melt modification – dynamic mixer 3DD

Quality and high output performance are not mutually exclusive.

The 3-dimensional dynamic mixer 3DD is a highly efficient and flexible add-on equipment for your polymer processing plant. The unique design solves a wide range of mixing and metering tasks like blending of recyclates, dyes, additives, stabilizers and masterbatches or even barely mixable polymers.

The 3DD mixer unit can be beneficial for you!

Polycondensation systems do not permit the inclusion of dyes or other additives during the polycondensation process. For this reason, only a limited product range can be manufactured (i. e. raw white); targeted changes to the melt properties are not possible. The 3DD mixing system offers maximum flexibility, as it can be integrated at almost any point in the polymer process - both for new polycondensation plants or as addition to recycling lines and as a retrofit for existing fibre or film lines. This system combines extremely high dosing and metering accuracy as well as mixing performance to ensure the top quality of your demanding products e. g. fibers, films, or batch granules. Thereby, this mixer of BB Engineering applies the unique and most-effective mixing principles: distributive, dispersive and dynamically in 3 dimensions, in short "3DD"!



Configuration example with performance measures

screw diameter (mm) 60 75 90 105 120 150
throughput (kg/h) 160 260 380 500 660 1000
drive power (kw) 11 21 33 33 52 66
screw diamter (mm) 175 200 225 250 275 300
throughput (kg/h) 1380 1800 2300 2800 3300 4000
drive power (kw) 78 119 144 144 168 204