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Melt modification – 3DD mixer

Quality and output performance are not mutually exclusive.

The BBE mixer systems solve a whole range of mixing and metering tasks when processing plastics and within the chemical industry. It is the superb flexibility and quality of your systems that guarantee efficient production. Extremely high metering accuracy and mixing performance ensure that your products are top quality.

A range of feed and mixer systems are available to cater to the requirements of flexible production.



Why Melt Modification?

Polycondensation systems do not permit the inclusion of dyes or other additives during the polycondensation process. For this reason, only a limited product range can be manufactured (i.e. raw white); targeted changes to the melt properties are not possible.
3DD mixing systems enable the inclusion of dyes and other additives in granulate form at virtually any stage of the process. Also, including and mixing liquid additives is possible. Using 3DD technology enables the manufacture of a wide range of colors and modified yarns depending on the type of mixer. From the outset, 3DD technology offers superlative flexibility for new polycondensation systems. It can also be installed in existing systems to increase efficiency and flexibility.
In addition to plastic melts, other media used in the plastics industry can also be added for economically manufacturing PET fibers and films.


Screw diameter mm 60 75 90 105 120 150
Throughput kg/h
(PET IV 0,62, 30 L/D)
160 260 380 500 660 1000
Drive power/ kW 11 21 33 33 52 66
Screw diameter mm 175 200 225 250 275 300
Throughput kg/h
(PET IV 0,62, 30 L/D)
1380 1800 2300 2800 3300 4000
Drive power/ kW 78 119 144 144 168 204