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White Filter Cleaning

The cleaner cleaning method

White Filter Cleaning is an innovative and environmental-freindly system for pre-cleaning polymer filters of BB Engineering in cooperation with B&M Longworth Ltd, UK. It uses superheated, dry steam to effectively remove a range of polymer contaminants

Polymers: PET, PA 6, others on request

Filter media: discs, candles and others


technical benefits economic-ecological benefits
  • no carbonizing during draining
  • no damaging of the filter elements (disks/candles) during polymer shrinking through cooling
  • no need to reheat the filter media
  • preservation of filtration performance and longer lifespan of the media
  • low energy consumption
  • no use of toxic and highly-flammable chemicals such as TEG
  • no toxic waste products
  • no cost-intensive use and disposal of chemicals
  • sustainable – ecologically and economically!



White Filter Cleaning
White Filter Cleaning