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Polymer filtration systems

Demanding products, such as capacitor films or microfibers, require a highly-purified melt to enable high-quality production.In the same way, filtration plays a decisive role in recycling processes. For this reason, BBE – as a supplier of filtration systems with superlative melt quality – offers the perfect solutions for many applications.


Filter systems with filter area surfaces from small to large

Discontinuous filters  
Long-Life Filter (LLF) 0,1 m² - 40 m²
Horizontal Candle Filter (HCF) 0,1 m² - 1,5m²
Continuous filters  
Continuous Vertical Filter (CVF) 2x 0,4 m² - 2x 8 m²
Non-Stop Filter (NSF) 2x 1,8 m² - 2x 40 m²


Various types of filtration media are available.



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