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Valves and melt pipes

  • Startup, changover and bleed valves
  • Conical valves or cylinder valves with tried-and-tested design, electrically-, oil- or vapor-heated
  • Design allows safe operation even after longer time of non-use
  • Leakage-free (conical) or very low leakage rates (cylindrical), simple maintenance
  • Manual using a torque screwdriver or automatic operation by means of electric or hydraulic drive
  • 2- and 3-way valves for melt pipe diameters of up to 90 mm (others on request)
  • Electrically-, oil- or vapor-heated melt pipes
  • Including insulation and instrumentation (melt pressure, melt temperature)
  • Including static mixer, if required
  • Length of the melt pipe without flange up to 4 m, flange also oil- or vapor-heated
  • Design in accordance with pressure vessel guidelines, if required (AD2000, ASME)


Client-specific melt pipes

  • Construction of the melt pipes in accordance with client applications
  • Calculation of pressure loss, shear rates, dwell times, etc.
  • Layout and detailed planning by our experienced engineers
  • Delivery of complete melt systems, including melt filters, melt pumps, etc.
  • Manufacturing of melt pipes by certified welding workshops
  • Quality assurance, including pressure checks, inspections of the welding seams, etc.
  • Assembly of the insulation, instrumentation, etc.
  • Monitoring of the installation on-site


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Valves / melt pipes

Valves / melt pipes
Valves / melt pipes
Valves / melt pipes