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VacuFil® - from waste to value

VacuFil® is a unique and innovative PET recycling line, uniting gentle large-scale filtration and controlled intrinsic-viscosity build-up for consistently outstanding melt quality. The vacuum unit – located next to the filter – quickly and reliably removes volatile contamination. The excellent degassing performance additionally relieves energy-intensive predrying.

The modular structure of the VacuFil® range offers numerous possibilities for the process guiding system. Whether as a standalone solution with downstream granulation or as an inline version including 3DD additive feed – customer requirements can be optimally catered for with customised system configurations.



Multi-purpose recycling Variable setting of IV
  • Generate clean rPet for various downstream applications
  • Adapted to your individual needs


  • Realize different IV for your intended purpose
  • Control, hold, increase or decrease the IV of your initial material
  • In combination with large area melt filtration
Low engery consumption Flexible and modular
  • Compared to common solid state polymerization processes
  • By combination of filtration and IV setting
  • Easy integration into existing plants
  • Modular design for maximum flexibility
  • Additional features, e.g. color injection,
    additives mixing, or White Filter Cleaning
    (steam-based cleaning system for polymer
    filters by BBE) can be added



VacuFil® vacuum unit
VacuFil® vacuum unit