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VarioFil® R - from shredded PET to value add

VarioFil® R is a turnkey spinning line for PET POY and FDY made from rPET chips or PET bottle flakes

It is the ideal production unit for manufacturers that have a wide range of products, small lot numbers or specialised products.

VarioFil® R is originally designed to process rPET/PET bottle chips, still it is not limited to using only one material or a particular process. Customised conversion packages allow the unit to be adapted to the market requirements quickly and at reasonable rates. 

BB Engineering can cover the whole production chain, from chips to yarn and including plant design components, e.g. chips handling, air treatment systems etc.


Our value is your benefit Plug and profit
  • First-class yarn
  • Best fitting machine configuration
  • High-precision dosing of master batches and additives
  • Production capacity up to 450 kg/h per extruder
  • Dope dyeing for superlative, most even colors
  • WINGS technology by Oerlikon Barmag


  • Turnkey line: Fast and easy start-up
  • Completely pre-assembled and tested machine
  • On-site supervision for erection and start-up
  • Fast and easy string-up
Reducing operation costs As flexible as your needs
  • Simple 1-man operation
  • High production speed with extended mechanical capability
  • Efficient energy management
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy costs
  • Waste management
  • Processing of all colors
  • Broad overall and filament titer range
  • Customised conversion packages


VarioFil® R

“VarioFil R+” bottle-to-POY line
WINGS POY by Oerlikon Barmag
Produced 150f48 dope-dyed black yarn
DTY yarn (150f48 grey) texturized on Oerlikon Barmag maschine
Compact spinning line VarioFil R+